What is Sportybet Partner Code? And how do you get it? Find out!

The SportyBet Partner page appears just under the withdraw button on the sportybet website or app.

It’s a new feature (might not be new at the time of reading this) but the confusion of what it is and what it’s for is big. This I can see from the number of people that have asked me questions pertaining to Sportybet partner.

Here in this article I’m going to explain all there is to know and if you’ve got questions you can leave them in the comment sections.

What is “Sportybet Partner”?

These are people on the platform that have signed up to promote Sportybet through their different channels.

They are not like customers who just come to place a bet on the website. Instead, they help Sportybet gain new customers and they are paid a commission.

To become a Sportybet partner you must first apply. There you’ll be given a form to fill out.

After successfully applying you’ll have to wait to get approved. If you have an advertisement medium like a website the more your chances of getting approval.

How to get the Sportybet Partner code

You must be an approved member to get a partner code. After applying and getting approved, login to your partner dashboard the code is at the top-right corner of the page.

How to Transfer to a Partner Code

First, you need a partner code to send money to. Then you wait for approval from the Sportybet partner. After approval a code is sent to you to effect the tramsfer.

That’s it.


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  1. want to send money from my first sportybet account to my second account but i was asked to put my partner code so how do i know my code

  2. Please how do I request for partner code.. do you have it… Please contact me +2349166111982
    I’m on WhatsApp… Please help me

  3. Hello
    Is there a way of changing my name in sportybet,I have a name mismatch so I can’t withdraw because the names don’t match,and there’s thousands inside my wallet

  4. Please sir I need help
    I want to withdraw my money but I don’t have access to my registered account number name now
    So the only option now is transfer to partner but I don’t have a partner code

  5. Please am having issue with name mismatch what can I do to change the name in my sporty account whatsapp pls 09033636918

  6. Good Evening How do I get a partner code I need to send money from my sportybet account 07056669052 to my second new account 08143718867

  7. Please can you help me out…..I’m having issues with my SportyBet withdrawal …..I need your help please 😢😢……this my WhatsApp number 07081863907

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