Why do Youtubers Beg for Likes and Subscribers? – Find Out!

YouTube has been around for a long while now and many people spend a lot of time on the video-sharing platform. More often than not, you must have discovered that every content creator on YouTube always asks for likes and subscriptions.

But then, you might be wondering why it has become the norm for all YouTubers to always beg for likes and subscriptions in every video content they produce. Is it a way of making money? Or is it a policy that YouTube requires of content creators?

It doesn’t stop there, most YouTubers also ask for donations from their audience. This and many more practices are performed by YouTubers always. The truth is, you are not alone on this, and surely there are reasons why YouTube solicits such likes, donations, subscriptions, and many others.

If you need answers to these questions, then you need not worry as this post will reveal the reasons why YouTubers solicit likes and subscriptions. By the end of this post, you will be better informed on why YouTube content creators ask for likes and subscriptions. First, let’s look at why YouTubers ask for likes and Thumbs up.

Why YouTubers Ask for Likes and Thumbs up

At the start or end of most YouTube videos, you will hear the YouTuber asking subscribers to hit the like button and give the video a thumbs up. YouTubers do this a lot to get a positive reaction from the viewers.

Asking for such like and thumbs up in the video will likely increase the rate at which viewers like and give thumbs up rather than not asking at all. But to set the record straight, YouTubers do not directly earn money from likes, comments, thumbs up, and subscriptions.

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This is the answer to the above question: Likes and thumbs up to show the YouTube algorithm how many users find the video content useful. In order words, likes and thumbs increase engagement which makes YouTube recommend the video to more users.

Therefore, the more youtube recommends the video to people the more views they get, which equals more money. And so, when next you see a YouTube asking for likes, comments, and thumbs up, it is for engagement, which makes youtube recommend the video to more users and in turn, the video gets more views which equals more money.

Why Youtubers ask for subscribers

At this point, we reckon you would have a little insight as to why YouTubers ask for subscriptions. 9 in every 10 videos you watch on YouTube will likely ask you to subscribe to their channel. The reason isn’t too hard to understand.

Getting more subscribers on your channel increases the chance of every video getting a high view. So yes, it is all about the views. More views equal more money. YouTubers understand this and will try to increase their subscribers numbers for more views.

Subscribers will get notified of every new content posted by a YouTuber. And so, this increases the chance of such a video getting more views. Apart from the views, YouTubers also ask for a subscription to simply grow their channel and following.

There’s no fun in trying to act safely on a platform with billions of monthly users. You can equally get more money when you grow your subscriber list through sponsorship, affiliate sales, and direct sales. But don’t get it wrong here, having a huge subscriber list with less engagement is of no real use.

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A small YouTube channel with more engagement stands a chance of making more money than a channel with millions of subscribers but little engagement. Balancing your subscriber’s list and engagement is the best practice for every YouTuber.

Now let’s look at arguably the most popular monetization method on YouTube which often requires both subscribers and views.

YouTube Partnership Program

YouTube Partnership Program allows YouTubers to monetize their video content. It is one of the easiest ways YouTubers monetize their videos, but it’s also one of the reasons why YouTubers ask for more likes and subscriptions.

When YouTubers join the Partnership Program, they are given ads to place on their videos. The more views they get the more money they make. But it goes beyond that. Before joining the Partnership Program, some requirements must be met. They include :

  • 4,000 watch hours on your channel
  • 1,000 subscribers benchmark
  • No strike from YouTube Guideline Community
  • Have an AdSense account linked to your YouTube account
  • YouTubers must be in a country where the Youtube partnership Program is available

These are some major requirements that every YouTuber must consider before applying for the Ads Program. From the first two requirements, you will now understand why some YouTubers always ask for likes and subscriptions.

Having 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours will qualify YouTubers for the Youtube Partnership Program where they can display Ads on their video content and make money.

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