How to Appeal TikTok Permanent or Temporal Ban

Ban happens on most social media platforms, it could be temporal or permanent. The permanent or temporal ban on TikTok is a perfect example.

  • Sometimes you get banned because of reports from people on the platform. Bans like this don’t come with reasons.
  • Sometimes you could only be banned from going live.
  • Getting banned for being underage has been the most common reason for getting banned on the platform.
  • The banned could have come out of an error in the system.
  • You could just be banned from going live.

In any case, the solution is appealing the ban.

It’s simple you’re gonna have to head on to this complaint form:

Fill out the form accordingly.

You might not get a response immediately as one user on Reddit pointed out. You can let a day or two pass if no reply comes then you resend your appeal again.

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