Is Anatomy a Good Course to Study in Nigeria? Find Out!

The question: “is anatomy a good course to study in Nigeria?” seeks to find out the opportunities available when one might have earned a degree after studying the course.

Before answering that question let’s know what anatomy is about, knowing this will in turn help you see or imagine possible opportunities for a degree holder in this field.

Anatomy according to Wikipedia ”is the branch of biology concerned with the study of the structure of organisms and their part.”

Let’s get down to answering the questions.

Where can an anatomist work in Nigeria?

Anatomy clearly falls under the medical field. Anatomists can be found to be researchers, who work in schools as tutors also in medical centres and hospitals.

Is anatomist a professional course in Nigeria?

Yes, it’s a professional course. Upon completion, you can move into practice.

How much does an anatomist earn in Nigeria?

The minimum expected salary for an anatomist is ₦100,000 but this depends on the employee. It can get as high as ₦200,000 per month.

Requirements to study Anatomy in Nigeria:

One must have a pass in English, Mathematics, Biology, physics and chemistry to study this course.

Is Anatomy a good course to study in Nigeria?

To be honest, there’re not so many opportunities available for an anatomist in Nigeria today. The answer is NO.

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