How to Pay Application Fee in Nigeria

how to pay application fee in nigeria

This post is targeted to solve the problem of paying for application for Nigerian students looking forward to study abroad.

The naira debit card can’t process the payment no thanks to the federal government limit on Naira cards.

The next available and best option is PayPal. But many Nigerians don’t own a working PayPal account.

how to pay application fee in nigeria

This leaves us with no option than using which are very reliable.

In case you’ve not heard of Paydula, they help in the payment of application fee to any school abroad and:

  • They help to pay for Duolingo.
  • They help to pay for Alison certificate.
  • They help to pay for Udemy courses, and many services aim towards international students.

How to get your application fee paid in Nigeria:

  1. Click here to go to Paydula or click here to chat with Paydula representative on WhatsApp.
  2. Say what service you need.
  3. Forward the mail sent by the school.
  4. The equivalent dollars or pounds is converted to Naira.
  5. Payment is done with short 10mins.

Note application fee differs according to the school i question.

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