How to Resign from any Delivery Job (example Zomato and Swiggy)

Just as there’s a process for getting on the delivery job there’s also a process of quitting. B

Be warned, it’s an offence to just walk away without letting your employers and moreover, this can a problem for the service.

I know, I know how frustrating the job can be. First, you can get penalty charges that cut your earnings meaning you don’t get steady pay at the end of the period. Also, it can be very demanding with your employers paying no attention to a situation where some consider as “exploitation”.

But in most cases, Zomato and Swiggy and any delivery job of this sort pay enough to their delivery partners to survive.

How to Resign from a Delivery Job

All of these companies, Jumia, Foodpanda, Swiggy, Zomato and many more require that you write a resignation letter if you’re quitting. You can’t just walk in there and ask to quit your employer has to be pre-informed.

For example, Zomato, a delivery boy must write to Zomato about his resignation 15 days earlier to when he wants to quit. Only then you can get paid your earnings.

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  1. I have applied and pay initial ammount for t shirts and bag. But I can’t join to this how can I quit and delet my account from zomato

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