How to Replace Lost SIM card in Nigeria

If you’ve lost your SIM card and wants a replacement then this post is for you.

Depending on which network you’re on, on MTN it’s called “Welcome Back”. As you try to get back your lost phone number you’re trying to perform a “Welcome Back”.

Also know that SIM card replacement has been done by millions of Nigerians and it’s complete legal.

Let’s see the proces.

How to Replace Lost SIM card in Nigeria

  1. Find your lost SIM pack.
  2. Visit an office of your network. It could be ab MTN office, Airtel or anyone. You can also meet any of the SIM card sellers but it’s best you visit an office.
  3. Tell them you lost your SIM card and wants to perform a “welcome back”
  4. You’ll be asked to give the SIM pack and NIN plus other information.

This usually costs between 1,500 to 2,000.

That’s a normal process when you have your SIM pack. What if you don’t? That will involve a bit more steps.

How to retrieve MTN SIM Card without Sim Pack

Here, after visiting your network’s branch office you’ll be asked to bring an affidavit to make sure it’s you. You just have to go to the secretariat in the local government you reside and swear an affidavit to the ownership of the phone number. Return with the proof and your welcome back will be processed.

It may take up to 24hrs before the change works.

The above protocol not only applies to MTN SIM cards but also to Airtel, 9Mobile and Etisalat SIMs.

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