How to Pay for Udemy Courses in Nigeria (ATM cards don’t work)

This time we’ve turned our attention to solving a painful problem many Nigerians face. As you’ve found out Nigerian debit cards don’t work on many of these platforms.

Many of us have turned to virtual dollar cards which despite the high cost of funding these cards may still come short when processing online payments.

Just like other websites, PayPal has been the best when it comes to processing these payments and is a place where you can get these payments processed for you with lower fees when compared to using virtual cards which barely work.

A short guide to using Paydula.

How to Pay for Udemy Courses in Nigeria

Paydula exists to help you make online payments where your usual naira debit card has failed. From paying for your hosting and domain on Namecheap to paying for online certificates on Alison to paying for courses on Udemy. And this is just a few.

You can visit the site where you have to chat with the man behind the company. There the dollar equivalent will be converted to naira and you’ll get your course paid for in no time.

It usually takes less than 5 minutes to get everything done.

Aside from paying on Udemy, Paydula helps you pay for other things online. They also help you receive payment from TikTok, Fiverr, and Upwork. Only payment from these kinds of companies.

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