Graham Furtick: Biography, Networth, Family Life and more!

Graham Furtick is a 14-year-old son of popular preacher, Steven Furtick. He was born and raised by both Holly and Steven Furtick. Graham grew up in a family where everyone was actively involved in the work of the ministry. Graham turned 14 recently and is still quite young and learning the gospel.

Graham Furtick
Graham Furtick – Year: 2011

In this post, we provide you with the biography of Graham Furtick. His age, parents, background, education, and much more. If you would like to know more about the 14-year-old son of Steven Furtick, then you should read through this article. First, let’s start with a profile of Graham Furtick.

Profile Summary

Name: Graham Furtick

Age: 14

Birthday: N/A

Parents: Holly Furtick and Steven Furtick

Nationality: American

Siblings: 2

Status: Student

Religion: Christian

Graham Furtick’s Background and Family

Born and raised by Steven and Holly Furtick, Graham is 14 years old and has two siblings called Abbey Furtick, and Elijah Furtick. Graham currently lives in Waxhaw, North Carolina with his parents and siblings.

Graham is loved by both his dad and mother who have always wanted the best for him. In a piece of recent news, his father Steven Furtick wished the youngster a happy birthday on his 14th birthday.

Graham Furtick Father

Steven Furtick is the father of Graham Furtick. Born on the 19th of February 1980, Steven is known as a renowned pastor, author, and songwriter. Steven Furtick is  42 years old and has been a strong pioneer of the Elevation Church.

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He has helped transform the Elevation Church into a powerful ministry through his music, preaching, and initiatives. Steven Furtick was born and raised by Faith Furtick and Steven Furtick, the grandparents of Graham Furtick. Steven has a brother named Mathew Furtick and a stepdaughter called Stephanie. Therefore, Graham Furtick has a stepsister named Stephanie.

Graham’s father, Steven Furtick attended Berkeley High School and later bagged a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication from North Greenville University. Steven subsequently got his Master of Divinity Degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

In 2002, Steven got married to Holly Furtick, Graham Furtick’s mother. The couple was blessed with three children including Graham, Abbey, and Elijah Furtick. The family currently stays in Waxhaw, North Carolina, United States. Steven has made a fortune for himself and he is known as one of the richest pastors in the United States.

Graham’s father Steven, makes most of his money from being a pastor of the Elevation Church. He has an approximated net worth of $55 million as of 2022. Amongst other things, Steven and his wife Holly are known for their philanthropic works around the world. Steven also makes a huge junk of his money from the sales of his books.

Over the years, Steven and Holly have given the media, a bunch of controversial issues to talk about. Mostly these are about the money spending habit of Holly, Graham’s mother.

The couple has started a lot of initiatives and has been a source of blessing to thousands of people from around the world.

Graham Furtick Ethnicity

Graham Furtick was born and raised in North Carolina, United States. His parents also grew up there and started their family together.

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Graham is from America and does not have dual nationality or ethnicity. His father Steven has been a huge source of blessing to the community where they grew from.

Graham Furtick Girlfriend

Graham is still 14 years and the status of his relationship is not known yet. Graham is still focused on school and his music and as such does not publicly announce if he has a girlfriend or not.

Graham Furtick Social Media

Graham Furtick has some social media accounts where he interacts with his peers. He also uses his social media accounts in promoting his music to the world.

The young singer has been able to garner massive followers on his social media account. He has also received a lot of views and streams from popular streaming platforms online.

Graham is enthusiastic about changing the world with his music. And even if he is just 14, he has learned a lot from his parent Steven and Holly Furtick. He also has fans all over the world who loves his music.

Graham Furtick’s Net worth

Being the son of a renowned pastor and author comes with its advantage. While Graham is expected to behave a huge net worth as his parent, such information is not yet available to the public. The young singer does not have his assets on display in the public domain.

But it is expected that as he comes of age, his net worth will likely be made known to the public for easy reference. But for now, there is no official declaration of the net worth of Graham Furtick. You can be sure that this page will be updated once such information becomes available.

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