Does Piggyvest Give Out Loans (Get this straight)

Can I borrow from Piggyvest?

I see people ask this question a lot these days. To be frank, the confusion is quite understandable, Piggyvest is a Fintech app with dealings not very far from that of a lending app.

To answer that question, Piggyvest doesn’t give out loans.

Do you care to know why? Ok, read on to find out.

Piggyvest is basically a saving app. It’s meant to help people cut excessive spending and help them meet financial targets by inculcating a good saving culture.

So, instead of turning to Piggyvest to borrow money, you can check for lending apps out there.

You can perform a little research to find out which one is best. For me, I recommend Palmcredit and Carbon loan apps.

Don’t forget you can claim a free 1,000naira when you sign up on Piggyvest and deposit a minimum of 1,000naira.

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