Pastor Joel Tudman: Biography, Networth, Family Life and more!

Born in Mountain Pleasant, Texas, Pastor Joel Tudman is known as the founder of The Net Church where he is also the senior Pastor in Oklahoma, United States. Pastor Joel Tudman is known as a renowned pastor in the United States and has established a lot of initiatives which has helped thousands of people around the world.

And so, if you want to know more about Pastor Joel Tudman, then you’ve come to the right place. This post contains information about the renowned pastor. Most of the information are well researched and accurate. To get started, here’s a profile summary of Pastor Joel Tudman.

Profile Summary

Name: Joel Tudman

Title: Pastor/Coach

Birthday: 14th of march

Spouse: LaTasha Tudman

Children: Yes (Name currently unknown)

Nationality: America

Church: The Net Church

Religion: Christianity

Pastor Joel Tudman Age

The age or date of birth of Pastor Joel Tudman has not been made public. The pastor has not officially announced his date of birth.

But, The Potters House Church Dallas, which has a strong affiliation with the pastor, once celebrated the pastor’s birthday on the 14th of March 2021.

This is therefore an indication that the pastor was given birth on the 14th of March. But the exact year of birth is currently not known by the public. However, the date of birth is 14 March every year.

Pastor Joel Tudman Education

Pastor Joel Tudman who was born in Mountain Pleasant Texas, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Promotion from A&M University in Texas, United States. Pastor Joel later gained his master’s degree in Health Promotion and furthered it by obtaining a minor degree in counseling.

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Pastor Joel was awarded an honorary doctorate in divinity from St Thomas Christian College in the United States. A few years back, Pastor Joel obtained his Ph.D. degree in organizational leadership. He is known to be a vastly educated pastor who has devoted his time to learning.

Pastor Joel Tudman Wife

Pastor Joel Tudman is married to LaTasha Tudman, and the couple is blessed with children whom they’ve raised in the way of the church.

Pastor Joel speaks highly of his wife LaTasha who has been a huge support to him in his career and during his long years in ministry.

Pastor Joel Tudman Career

Pastor Joel Tudman isn’t just known for his ministry works. The pastor has a long and successful career in other sectors too. He is known as the Head of Oklahoma State University Player development. He has trained staff during his years at Oklahoma state university.

He is also the head of Amateur football at Oklahoma state university and has taught the students about leadership skills. During his coaching career, Pastor Joel Tudman partnered with Rob Glass, Master Strength Coach where they both created renowned programs in college football.

He also coached the Cowboys at Stillwater, where he made four new year games six games and proceeded to a 12 successive bowls school record. And to date, he is regarded as a special coach and trainer who has changed the lives of his students. His leadership skills have also been recognized and awarded on different occasions.

Pastor Joel Ministry

Pastor Joel Ministry has been in the work of the ministry for over 20 years and counting. His ministerial work has helped changed the lives of his members, students, and other people around the world. His sermon has changed the lives of many from around the world.

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Some of his popular life-changing sermons that have been recorded over the years include;

I Have A Lot On My Mind – Pastor Joel Tudman

The Way to More – Pastor Joel Tudman

Grow Into It – Pastor Joel Tudman

Out of the Way Places – Pastor Joel Tudman

Surviving the Attack & Healing The Mind – Pastor Joel Tudman

How Do You See It? – Pastor Joel Tudman

Proof of Life: How Much Do You Need? By Pastor Joel Tudman

Follow First – Pastor Tudman

I’m Sick of This – Bishop Joel Tudman

The Rejected Word – Pastor Joel Tudman

These messages can be found online.

Pastor Joel Tudman along with his wife has established several philanthropic initiatives as a way to help the world and make it a better place. They have reached out to the poor all over the world and have constantly been a source of blessing to others.

Pastor Joel Tudman Net worth

The exact net worth of Pastor Joel Tudman has not been made public yet. The pastor and coach have made a fortune for themselves from being a pastor and coach. He also gets paid for speaking at events and has written best-selling books that have earned him a fortune.

Pastor Joel Tudman is a visionary man who has been an inspiration to thousands of people from around the world. Apart from being a renowned pastor, his coaching skills have changed the lives of thousands of students also.

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