What is the Cost of Seeing a Dermatologist in Lagos, Nigeria? Find Out!

If you have ever tried knowing what the cost of seeing a dermatologist is in Lagos, you will almost not find any article related to this topic.

Finding a dermatologist in Lagos is no big deal but for a budget you’re comfortable with then you’ve got some screening to do.

So, one time a friend had some rashes on her back that wouldn’t go away, she tried medications she could lay her hands on, the only thing that kept her from not going to see a dermatologist was the uncertainty of the cost.

Before we go into talking about the price range of booking a dermatologist, here is what you need to know about dermatologists.

A dermatologist is a special doctor who helps in the treatment of hair, skin, and nail conditions.

There are a lot of dermatologists in Lagos. So, I would recommend as you are looking out for one that fits your budget, you should also look out for a qualified dermatologist.

Here are a few recommendations:

Click Skin Care Clinic, located in a serene environment of Liepaja lagos, is a clinic that handles all things dermatological disease, with experienced hands to help with any skin disease. Contact: 234 802 351 3820.

Bnatural Medspa, you can find Bnatural Medspa in Ikeja lagos, Nigeria. They specialize in complexion blending, hair removal, HydraFacial, skin analysis and cosmetic dermatological. Contact: 08150488772.

Bidson Skin Centre, located in Sabo Yaba, Lagos Nigeria, is a skincare hospital they are a consultant in treating skin infection and disease. Contact: 08066077557.

Grandville Medical and Laser Clinic is an acne, stretch mark, pigment removal, body firming, skincare and health treatment centre, located in Surulere Lagos, Nigeria. Contact:08171530599.

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It didn’t make sense to add the addresses of these centers as they have centers in Lagos and beyond. It’s wise that you contact themasking for a centre closest to you.

The cost of seeing a Dermatologist in Lagos varies, as some charge higher than some. I had a friend of mine visit a few dermatologists when faced with serious skin rashes that didn’t just go away when treated at home. It was also a revealing period to know what these centres charge or better the range the charges fall.

Well, it’s not hard to understand that some centres charge higher than some even for the same skin condition.

Another thing to likely make you pay more when you see a dermatologist would likely be the intensity of your skin problem or what special service you are requesting.

With that out of the way, here is an overall estimate of how much it would cost you to see a dermatologist in Lagos:

Price ranges from Fifteen Thousand Naira(N15,000) to Fifty Thousand Naira(N50,000).

Payment could be in any form, through insurance, card payment, or by cash depending on the centre.

The truth is, depending on the skin condition the price will always vary. Though I understand one dermatologist may charge higher than the other for the same skin ailment but how apart can the charges be? In most cases, the difference may not be different.

You may try to get a quotation on a phone call but that won’t work most of the time as these skin conditions are better judged when seen than described over the phone.

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If you’re not in Lagos, you can find dermatologists in other parts of the country like in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State. A visit to Uniuyo Teaching Hospital along Abak Rd. is all you have to do. And since it’s a government-owned hospital you’re looking at lowercharges.

Remember, the above-listed dermatologist centres in Lagos have branches outside the state. You can ask for a branch closest to you.

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