How to Check First Bank Account Balance (*894*00#): The Easy Way

Are you looking for how to check first bank account balance within seconds for FREE without going to bank for assistance?

Worry no more!

In this article we are going to reveal to you the fastest and easiest method to check your account balance with your phone using USSD code, mobile app, bank statement or debit card.

You can check your balance at First Bank by logging into your account online or by calling customer service.

Checking your balance regularly is a good way to stay on top of your finances and avoid excessive spending of funds.

With the existing first Bank mobile banking services or USSD code you can check your account balance, transfer money, buy Airtime or data bundles, pay bills (PHCN or DStv).

This services work for all devices be it Android or iOS and is compatible with all network providers such as MTN, Smile, Airtel, Glo or Etisalat.

Checking your account balance using USSD code doesn’t require an internet connection but checking with mobile app requires an internet-connected devices.

Thats not all! Keep reading.

Charge to Check First Bank Account Balance

This is a popular question that many first Bank users always ask: How much does first bank charge for checking account balance.

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This amount of money that is always deducted from your account is known as account balance service charge or fee.

First bank always debit is customers N6.98 after a successful checking of account balance and this is majorly for USSD code method.

But if you check using mobile app the service is for free.

If that’s cool. Let’s dive in.

How to check First Bank Account Balance Using USSD Code?

This method of checking your account balance is one of the simplest and easiest method to check first bank account balance.

But the downside of it is that your previous transactions are not present in it but it contains your current balance.

To check your account balance via ussd code follow the procedures below:

  1. Dial *894# using the mobile number used while opening your account
  2. Select 1 “Quick Banking”.
  3. Select 4
  4. Select 1 balance enquiry

To make it easier just dial *894*00# your account balance we display.

How to check First Bank Account balance via Account Statement?

You can get your account balance in form of account statement via three methods which include:

  1. USSD code
  2. Mobile application
  3. First Bank customer care service

USSD CODE: To get your account balance in form of account statement using USSD code you need to dial *894# using the mobile number used while opening your account then select 1 Quick Banking, select 4 then select 4 again which is mini account statement.

MOBILE APPLICATION: To get your account balance using mobile app login using your 5 digit transaction PIN, you we see your account balance displayed in your front, Click on it to get a full detail or account statement.

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CUSTOMER CARE SERVICE: To get your account statement via customer service visit any first bank branch to request for account statement.

You we be asked why you need the statement of account give then a good matured reason.

You we also answer some questions regarding your account or we fill some form which must correlate with your existing account.

With the methods above you we get your First bank account statement.

How to check first Bank Account Balance Using mobile App?

This method is only available for users who have internet-connected devices and the procedures are as follows:

  1. Visit playstore for Android or visit Apple store for iOS users and download the app.
  2. Register with the exact details of your account to prevent difficulty
  3. Login using your 5 digit transaction PIN
  4. You we see your account balance displayed in your dashboard

This method can only work if you register with the mobile number used while opening your account.

How to check First Bank Account Balance Using Debit Card?

You can use your first Bank debit card for several purposes and checking of account balance is among them.

When you get to the gallery, input your debit card and enter your 4-digit PIN.

In the option listed, select Enquiry you will recieve your account balance within seconds.

This method is should be taken care of since you need to provide your 4-digit security PIN in order to prevent a story that touches the heart.

With the above method, you can check First bank account balance within seconds.

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How can you keep track of your money?

You can keep track of your funds by checking your account balance frequently.

This helps in tracking any mischief or third-party access to your money.

This is all we have for how to check account first bank account balance the easy way.

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