Adnaira Review: Are they worth trying?

Today we turn our attention to a new ad network in the Nigerian information marketing space. The ad network in question is

We will be reviewing this ad network to bring to light what to expect so you don’t raise your hope so high that it touches the ceiling lol..

Let’s see more.

Adnaira Review

Is Adnaira Legit?

If what you actually meant to know is, if Adnaira really pays? Sorry at the time of writing this review no one can say. But from the popularity of this ad network it is likely that they pay.

I will also update this post in the future by the time I’m sure they pay and also pay as at when due.

With that said, Adnaira is likely going to be like other ad networks in Nigeria with the same problems. Payment issue will happen too often that means a lot of publishers not getting paid.

What about the inventory or the ad quality or the fill rate? One problem too many.

NOTE: I am not saying Adnaira is bad I’m only trying to shape the reader’s expectations here.

Ok, I have come across some good comments on Adnaira ad network so at least there is an element of reliability.

What is Adnaira Cost per Click (CPC)?

Adnaira CPC is around 2 from what have seen. They also pay for impression increasing your chances of earning. Not too good if you ask me.

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What is Adnaira’s minimum payout?

Adnaira minimum payout is 2,000 and it is available upon request any workday of the month.

How to sign up on Adnaira?

It is simple and nothing different from what we have elsewhere with Nigerian ad networks. Just as expected there are no minimum requirements anyone can join so far your niche is relevant.

  • Sign up on
  • Create an ad code.
  • Copy the code to the HTML section of your site where you want the ad to appear.

That’s it with our Adnaira review.

Again here, don’t let your expectations shooting too high as Ngadverts are not up to the standard but at least they are a bit reliable.

I hope this review has answered the question “Is Adnaira worth trying?” I leave you to decide.


All ad networks in Nigeria Adnaira included show ads from Nigeria. The advertisers are local all from Nigeria. What this means is, if your traffic comes from outside the country Nigerian ad networks won’t work for you.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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