Meaning of QOML and other Abbreviations

It was just confusing when one day on social media I stumbled on a chat and couldn’t tell the meaning of “QOML“.

So, I asked in the comment section and I was clarified. And then I thought to myself there are others out there who do not know this abbreviation and many other abbreviations so I have to share it on my blog for my readers to get ready in case they stumble on any of them anywhere.

The meaning of QOML is Queen of My Life. Usually referred to a lady which is so dear to you. It’s one of the many abbreviations which is not so often used but really does make sense.

Now, let’s look at other social media abbreviations.

LOML: Love of my life

LOL: Lots of laughs

ASAP: As soon as possible

KOML: King of my life (direct opposite of QOML)

IMO: In my opinion

IDK: I don’t know

BAE: Before anyone else

BTW: By the way (e.g Btw, you can call me Charles)

DIY: Do it yourself

These acronyms can save a great deal of time but one should note that they are informal. In the case of passing a serious message, it’s not a good idea to use some of these acronyms as not everyone would understand.


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