Does Woodforest Bank Use Zelle? – Find Out!

Woodforest National Bank is a private bank with its headquarters situated in The Woodlands, Texas. It is Walmart’s largest retail partner and provides financial services to members of Sam’s Club. It has over 750 branches in 17 states.

Zelle is a payment service that permits users to send and receive money with family and friends easily and quickly. Transactions are processed in minutes with no added charge.

Does Woodforest Bank Use Zelle

Woodforest bank is not among the list of banks that are in the Zelle Network. You cannot also access the Zelle transfer option on your Woodforest Bank app. However, if you want to use Zelle with your Woodforest account, there is a way to go.

Zelle offers its users an option to use its payment service even with banks that are not in the Zelle network. To do this, you must download the Zelle app and register your account with your Woodforest Bank debit card.

Using Zelle With Woodforest Bank

  1. Download the Zelle application on your mobile device.
  2. Install and launch the app.
  3. Register your Zelle account with a United States mobile number.
  4. Go through Zelle’s terms of use.
  5. Accept the rules if you’re satisfied with them.
  6. On accepting the terms of use, you will be directed to search for your bank.
  7. Type in ‘Woodforest Bank’.
  8. It will bring up no results and a ‘Don’t see bank’ option.
  9. Tap on ‘Don’t see Bank’.
  10. You will be prompted to enter your email ID. Enter the email ID you want for your Zelle account.
  11. You will be presented with an option to enter your debit card details.
  12. Input your Woodforest debit card details (Card number and zip code).
  13. If there are no issues, you should receive a pop-up for a successful registration.
  14. You can send and receive from fellow Zelle users on the Zelle app with your registered mobile number.
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You may run a test transfer with a minute amount to ensure all goes as it should.

Other Ways To Transfer Money With Woodforest

  • Using the Woodforest website or app: This feature is available in the Woodforest app. Transactions take only minutes, but it is only suitable if the other person is also using Woodforest Bank.
  • Transfer money with ACH: ACH (Automated Clearing House) is the standard network for transferring funds between bank accounts. However, it takes 1- 3 business days for the transaction to go through.
  • Transfer by issuing a check: To use this method, you will write a check to the person to whom you want to send money.

Banks in the Zelle Network

Below is a list of banks with the Zelle option in their bank apps.

  • Bank of America
  • Discover bank
  • Capital One
  • Frost Bank
  • Wells Fargo
  • CIT Bank
  • Ally Bank
  • Chase

The Zelle app has limits for banks that are not part of its network. For Woodforest bank, the transfer limit on Zelle using your Woodforest debit card is $500 weekly. Using Zelle with banks, not in the Zelle network will require taking a few extra steps like downloading the Zelle app and linking your debit card, but it can provide your desired result.

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