USSD Codes For All Loan Apps In Nigeria

Getting a loan in Nigeria requires you to walk into a bank of your choice to negotiate a loan or choose from the many loan apps available to get a loan. While using a loan app to access a loan may be more straightforward than going into a physical bank to request a loan, using USSD codes to request loans is even easier and faster.

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data), also known as quick code, is a code used to access services through your mobile telecommunication network provider. USSD (Quick code) can be used for various services and has also advanced into banking. With USSD, you can engage in banking services like:

  • To generate a token.
  • To open an account.
  • To make a deposit.
  • To make a cardless withdrawal.
  • To access a loan.

USSD banking eliminates the stress of having to physically go into a bank as you can easily create accounts on your device. You also have unlimited access to financial services: For bill payments, transfer of funds, and even balance checks. All these services and more can be accessed without an internet connection, and from anywhere you are on your mobile device.

USSD Codes For Loan Apps In Nigeria.

To apply for a loan using USSD, you will need to know the different loan platforms available, their USSD codes, and terms and conditions. Below are some USSD codes for loan apps in Nigeria:

  1. Carbon (Paylater) loan – *1303#
  2. Fairmoney Loan – *322*2#
  3. Kwik Cash – *561#
  4. AB Microfinance Bank – *389*755#
  5. Aledin Nano – *903#
  6. Accion Microfinance Bank – *572*6#
  7. Access Bank Payday Loan – *901*11#
  8. ALAT Loan By Wema Bank – *945*100#
  9. Interswitch – *322#
  10. Migo – *561#
  11. GTBank Soft Loan (QuickCredit) – *737*51*51#
  12. Ecobank Xpress – *326#
  13. First Bank First Advance – *894*11# or *894#
  14. FCMB – *329#
  15. GLO Cash – *3221*1*04225701*Amount#
  16. Zenith Bank Loan – *966#
  17. Payattitude – *569#
  18. Trader Moni – *540#
  19. Unity Bank Loan Code – *7799#
  20. Paga – *242#
  21. UBA – *919*28#
  22. Fidelity Bank – *770#
  23. Polaris Bank – *833#
  24. Heritage Bank – *322#
  25. Standard Chartered Bank – *120#
  26. Keystone Bank – *533#
  27. Stanbic IBTC – *909#
  28. Union Bank – *826#
  29. Jaiz Bank – *773#
  30. Liberty Assured Loan – *347*505#
  31. EasiMoni Loan – *347*334#
  32. Zedvance Loan – *5858#
  33. Ferratum Loan – *322*6#
  34. Kuda Bank – *894#
  35. Verve E-Cash Loan – *322*60#
  36. Kwikmoney Loan – *561#
  37. Baoba Loan – *732*348#
  38. OPay Loan – *955#
  39. Renmoney Loan – *723*73001#
  40. Lapo Loan – *371#
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Requirements For Using USSD Codes For Loan

As with any loan platform, some requirements have to be met before you can use a USSD code to get a loan. Requirements may vary, but generally, some of the things to take note of are:

  • Sign up with your chosen loan platform.
  • Provide all the basic details required (Name, Address, BVN, Valid ID Card).
  • Provide your account number.
  • Obtain the USSD code for your chosen loan platform.
  • Ensure you go through all loan terms and conditions. Be aware of the loan duration, interest rates, and loan limits.
  • Be sure you repay your loan when due.

How To Apply For Loan Using USSD Code

Applying for loans with a USSD code is easy and can be done within minutes.

  • Obtain a functional USSD code for the loan platform you wish to use.
  • Make sure you have met all the loan platform requirements.
  • Dial in your code into your mobile device.
  • Read and follow the instructions as they pop up.
  • Wait for loan approval.
  • You will get your loan in minutes.

Using USSD codes to obtain loans is very easy to learn for those that are not familiar with it. It is one of the best methods to use to avoid the stress of going to a bank. You will typically get your loan in minutes if you meet all requirements. It is also beneficial because you do not need an internet connection to use USSD codes. As always, it is important to only borrow loan amounts that you can easily repay within the stipulated repayment period. Failure to repay when due will affect your credit score and may prevent you from being able to access higher loan amounts.

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