How to Block Access Bank ATM Card in Seconds (*901*11#)

Are you looking for the easiest and fastest method to block access bank ATM card in seconds for FREE just by using a simple code?

This article is a sure plug for you.

In this article, we will show you how to block Access bank ATM card using access bank USSD code, customer care service or mobile application.

Whether your ATM card was stolen, missing or misplaced you can use the method I’m about to show you and block Access bank ATM card in seconds.

The very first time I heard about Access Bank ATM card-blocking feature, I thought it was fake.

I was so sure it couldn’t be real that I decided to try it out just to prove myself wrong.

To my surprise, it actually worked!

The feature isn’t very well advertised, which makes sense because they wouldn’t want anyone to accidentally block their card from being used at ATMs or point-of-sale terminals, but I will show you how to block your Access Bank ATM card using SMS just in case you need to do this.

How to Block Access Bank ATM card

Different banks in Nigeria have different have brought up different methods of blocking accounts instantly without customers going to the bank for assistance.

Access bank is one of such banks that have brought a better means of securing account and funds in condition where ATM card is stolen or missing.

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In condition where ATM card is stolen or missing anything can happen to your funds or money, to prevent story that touches the heart just block your access bank ATM card.

Please note that this service is only available for blocking lost or stolen cards; it cannot be used for unblocking a blocked card.

If you have any further questions, please contact your nearest Access bank branch.

That’s not all… Keep reading.


Listed below are the requirements to block Access bank ATM card in seconds:

  1. You should be a registered user of access bank mobile or internet banking.
  2. Your access bank internet banking username
  3. Your unique login password
  4. Access bank authentication PIN or token
  5. Access bank mobile application.

With the above-listed requirements, you can block your access to bank ATM card via internet banking.

Ways to Block Access bank ATM card

Access bank have introduced easy, fast and free methods of Blocking your ATM card without running helter-skelter. These methods include:

  1. Using the Access Bank USSD Code
  2. Contacting the Acess Bank customer care service
  3. Access Bank Mobile App

How to Block Access Bank ATM card using USSD Code?

The access bank USSD code is the fastest method to block your Access bank ATM card in seconds.

To block your account via USSD code follow the procedures below:

  1. Dial *901*11# with any mobile phone using the mobile number linked with your ATM card
  2. You will provide your bank registration phone number and your 4-digit PIN.

After providing the right information, your ATM card will be blocked immediately.

How to Block Access bank ATM card using Customer Care Service?

The access bank customer care service which are via email, social media handles, website, phone calls is another alternative to block access bank ATM card.

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This method is as fast as the method of the USSD code listed above.

CALL: You can reach out to access bank using the following contact.

  1. +234 1 733 2000
  2. +234 1 280 2500
  3. +234 1- 2712005- 7 (For card queries and inquiries).
  4. 0700 22552 22377 (0700CALLACCESS)

You can also contact 1 800 554 8969 or  1 800 558 3424 to report or make complaint of the lost or stolen ATM card.

Once you call, you will be attended to, and your request will be granted in no time.

If you contact any of the above contact you we be attended to and your request we be process and admitted immediately.

WEBSITE: You can also utilise the access bank website to present your issues. Just visit

SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES: Another alternative to reach out to access bank is using their social media handles.

  1. Facebook:
  2. Twitter:
  3. Twitter:

EMAIL ADDRESS: You can also contact access bank for blocking of ATM Debit Card using their free email address:

How to Block Access bank ATM Debit Card using Mobile App?

This method is only available for users who are making use of internet-connected devices such as Android or iOS.

Just visit the playstore app to download for Android users or head over to Apple store if you’re using iOS devices.

To block Access bank ATM card using mobile application follow the process below:

  1. Download and launch the application in your device.
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. Click on login to have access to internet or mobile banking
  4. Select cards and cheques
  5. Select manage
  6. Select block
  7. Chiose the account you want to block the existing ATM card
  8. Enter your 4 digit PIN or token
  9. Your ATM card is automatically blocked
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Why Blocking an ATM card is necessary

Losing an ATM card can be very stressful, not to mention the hassle of having to cancel and reorder a new one.

Blocking your ATM card immediately can help prevent unauthorized transactions and protect your account.

To keep your money safe block your access bank ATM card.

What happens when you try to withdraw after blocking Access Bank ATM Card?

You will receive an error message saying that your card has been blocked.

If you try to use your card at an ATM, you will be prompted to enter your PIN.

After three attempts, your card will be automatically ejected from the machine. If you try to use your card for a point-of-sale (POS) purchase, it will be declined.

What should I do if I block my Access Bank ATM card?

After you’ve block access bank ATM card you be very confident that your money won’t be tampered with.

But according to Access Bank, there are measures customers must implement in order to be on the protected side. These safe measures are:

IMMEDIATE MONEY TRANSFER: According to access bank, it is advisable that after your ATM card is blocked that the customer should render an immediate money transfer to any other account using access bank USSD code for quick and fast funds transfer.

GET A NEW ATM CARD: After you have made a money transfer, the next measure you should undertake is to visit any nearest Access bank branch for a new ATM card.

Getting a new ATM Debit card can only be done when a you visit access bank branch to enable you perform all necessary financial transaction safely.

CONNECT ALL ON-LINE PAYMENT WITH NEW ATM CARD: This is where many access bank user tend to get it wrong.

This measures only for those Access bank users who perform online transaction such as entrepreneurs and online business owners.

They will make complaint that access bank online transactions isn’t working but the deal is just to unlink all online payment information to the new ATM debit card you’ve been given by access bank in order to prevent complications.

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