How to block all banks’ ATM cards in Nigeria

A Bank ATM card is a bank payment card with a PIN used for payment transactions. Nearly all organizations accept ATM cards for transactions and payments.

Banks close their premises operations at a set time during the day. Still, with an ATM card, an account holder with an ATM card can carry out payments, transactions, and other financial services at any time of the day within the daily amount limit.

Reasons why an account holder may need to lock his ATM card

There are instances when an ATM card owner would want to block the ATAM card. When blocked, the card cannot be used for payment and financial activities.

  • ATM cards are blocked
  • ATM Card misplaced
  •  User deters unauthorized activities.
  • The third party knows the PIN of the ATM.
  • With these scenarios, it’s best to quickly block the ATM card to secure your account balance and personal information.

Ways to block ATM cards in Nigeria

There are three major ways account holders can block their ATM cards. These apply to all the banks in Nigeria which include: Access Bank, First Bank, Zenith Bank, Eco Bank, GTB, Union Bank, Heritage Bank, Kuda Bank etc.

  •  Communicate directly with the bank in person or through mobile customer care by phone: You can walk up to the bank premises and make your request to have your ATM card blocked. Make sure you have your ID card and relevant information about the account.

This, however, will take time, plus other time-consuming factors like traffic, long queues at the banking hall, and sometimes delayed customer service.

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When suspected fraudulent activities are detected with your ATM card or your ATM card is stolen or misplaced, it’s safe to act quickly because transactions with ATAM cards take within few minutes for payment to be made. You need to act fast before your account balance is gone.

Alternatively, you can also call the mobile customer care line of the bank. You will need to speak with a bank customer relations employee to help with this over the phone.

These are the contacts for the customer care support of each bank in Nigeria.

  • Access Bank: +234 1- 2712005-7, +234 1- 2802500


  • Wema Bank: Wema Bank’s customer care support is called Purple Connect. Contact details: 07000787753, (07000PURPLE), +2348039003700, 07005111211 (SMS),09044411010 (WhatsApp)


  • Zenith Bank: Zenith Direct is the customer care support of Zenith care. +23412787000 0700ZENITHDIRECT


  • First Bank Nigeria: First bank customer care support is referred to as FirstContact. You can reach FirstContact with these: 01-4485500, 0708062500, 0700FIRSTCONTACT (070-34778-2668228), 08124444000 (WhatsApp)


  • EcoBank Nigeria: +234 12772904


Live chat URL:

  • Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank): GTConnect is the customer care support of GTbank. Contact GTBank with these: 014448000, 0700482666328


  • Heritage Bank: 012369000, 0700-HERITAGE


  • Polaris Bank: 0700-POLARIS (0700-7652747), 0806988000, 014482100


  • Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria: +234 12704611


  • Stanbic IBTC Bank: 0700 909 909 909


  • Sterling Bank: +234 9060006449 (WhatsApp), 07008220000, 014484481-5

Email: customercare@sterling-ng

  • Keystone bank: +23470020003000


  • Titan Trust Bank: 07000200200, 012265100


  • All banks provide internet banking through internet banking: You have to download the mobile bank app in the app store to use this service. If you don’t have one, go to apps stores like Google play, type the name of your bank, and download and install it on your mobile device. Your account number, card number, ATM PIN, and email are required to register. 
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If you already have the mobile app installed, log into your account. Go to the Card section of the home screen displayed. The option will appear among include to block the card. Click on block card; card details will be requested, PIN and password of your account of your bank app. After blocking your ATM, you can visit the bank’s nearest location later to request a new card.

  • Using a bank mobile USSD code to block your ATM card is the fastest way to block your ATM card as soon as you discover the need for you to block your card. All mobile banking services have USSD codes for financial services. To do this, you will need the specific SIM card number you used to register the account.

Below are the USSD codes of different Nigerian banks you will use to block your bank ATM card.

Please note: These are not direct codes to block your ATM cards. No bank has a direct code to block the bank’s ATM card, but these are the financial mobile USSD code of the banks, and instructions on how to block the bank’s ATM card is shown on the phone screen.

Fidelity Bank  *770*991#

Access Bank *901*911#

First bank *894*911#

Eco Bank *966*911#

GTBank *737*51*74#

First City Monument Bank *329#

Stanbic IBTC Bank *909#

Keystone Bank *711*911#

Sterling Bank *822*911#

Polaris Bank *833*4#

Wema Bank *945#

Unity Bank *7799*9#

Zenith Bank *966*911#

UBA Bank *919*10#

Dialling the USSD code of the bank on your phone does not give automatic blocking of your ATM card, you will still have to follow the on-screen instructions that display on the mobile phone screen. But when inputs are correct, your ATM will be blocked and you will receive a follow-up SMS message notifying you of the blocking.

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