4 Best Ad Network in Nigeria for Publishers

This article looks to provide a solution for Nigerian bloggers who are looking for the best ad network in Nigeria to use for their blogs and also Google Adsense alternatives in Nigeria.


Every dream of a publisher is to make money from his/her content. A lot is put into creating content and making one’s site visible to search engines. From doing SEO to running ad campaigns on social media there are a lot of things to put in place.

Just before we delve into the topic of the day. Let me save you future stress or disappointment. To make money from any ad network you need good traffic though it is going to depend on the ad network and what the advertisers are willing to pay. We all know that Google Adsense leads and all other ad networks follow.

Coming down to Nigeria where we can’t compare our ad networks to the ones we have abroad considering some factors we still need sizeable traffic to earn something tangible from our hard work.

From my experience, 1.5k page views daily can help you get to the minimum payout monthly from most ad networks in the country but to get more earnings you have to up your game.

This article will help you choose an ad network in Nigeria that you can use to earn from your content and since they are PPC ad networks you can also combine with other ad networks like Google Adsense and Propeller to make more money.

Using an ad network from Nigeria will take away the payment issue most Nigerian bloggers encounter when receiving payment from some foreign ad networks since most foreign ad networks use PayPal as one of their payment methods.

Ad networks in Nigeria pay straight to your local bank account.

Another thing about ad networks in Nigeria is their seamless approval process, all you have to do is sign up, confirm your email address and finally copy the verification code to your website. After verification, you are good to copy the ad code and paste it to your site where you want the ad to appear.

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Just you know, the ad networks on our list are the top-paying ad networks in Nigeria and some of them are CPM (Cost Per Impression) and PPC (Pay Per Click) some are just PPC ad networks.

Let’s dive in.

4 Best Ad Networks in Nigeria for Publishers

1) Dochase: This ad network is owned by the technology company, Dochase. The company is owned by two Nigerian programmers Saint Germaine and Chibuike Goodnews.

To join this ad network you simply sign up as a publisher.


  • No minimum traffic requirement.
  • Free domain extensions like sample.blogspot.com and others are accepted.
  • Adult content sites are not accepted.
  • The minimum payout is #3,000 paid every month. The company reserves the right to cancel all earnings if a fraudulent act is found.
  • Publishers receive 50% of all the money paid by advertisers.
  • Payment is direct to the publisher’s bank account.
  • They are a PPC ad network.

2) Adquet: This is another good ad network in Nigeria and they are also very popular among Nigerian bloggers. They are reliable as they have kept to their end of the agreement paying genuine publishers what they earn at the end of the month.

Just like other ad networks on this list joining them is very easy both as a publisher and as an advertiser.

  • No minimum traffic requirements.
  • The free domain extension is accepted.
  • Adult content sites are not accepted.
  • The minimum payout is #2,500.
  • They pay through Paypal, check and bank.
  • They are a PPC ad network.

3) NG Advert: This ad network is owned by iValue Media and they are relatively new to other ad networks in the country.

They are one of the top-paying ad networks in Nigeria so you should definitely try them out.

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  • They have a minimum payout of #5,000. Payment is monthly.
  • Publishers receive 50% of the total amount spent by advertisers.
  • Payment is sent directly to your bank account.

4) Alternative ads: This ad network is the last on our list but not the least. They can boast of covering beyond Nigeria as they also have strong roots in other African countries.


  • They are a CPC and CPM ad network which makes them both suitable for both small and large publishers’ blogs.
  • They have no minimum traffic requirement.
  • The minimum payout is $50 which is on the high side compared to other ad networks on the list.

I have seen many bad reports of this ad network as well as some good reports. The truth is that there is no ad network without bad and good reports even Google Adsense has theirs too. A lot of publishers try to be smart when they are caught and their account suspended without payment of earnings they come out and spread bad reports about an ad company.

This does not mean an ad network can’t be funny but it is rare as bad reports send very bad messages across forums and the internet space to potential future partners.  What every publisher should know is that ad networks are also doing business and for them to stay in business they must also help their advertisers, and advertisers’ campaigns to yield good results this will ensure they have continuous business coming their way.

If you are finding it very difficult to make money through an ad network you can give affiliate marketing a try. There are a lot of affiliate programs available out there even in Nigeria but you have to be choosy when going for these programs.

Choosing an affiliate program should depend on your blog readers which also depends on your niche.

Affiliate programs if done properly can bring good earnings.

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My advice: If you want to earn so badly from your blog you have to be able to test and find out what works for you. In this case. I would say try ad network and affiliate program side by side and then settle with the one that pays more or works for you.

You can also combine an ad network with affiliate marketing on your blog.

Now, let me explain something I think is very important. Let’s talk about how ad networks make money and how this concerns you.

How Do Ad Networks Make Money?

Simple, ad networks make money from advertisers. Advertisers could be an individual a business or an organization who wants to get a message across to a particular (targeted) set of people through the internet.

For example, if a company produces a product and wants to show it to the public, it could be for people to buy or get to use it for free. The company goes to an ad network and pays them to do via their publishers’ blogs for a particular set of audiences under a niche or some niches.

Remember, it is always targeted. What this means is that a particular product must have a set of people it applies. It might niche or region or age-dependent and many other factors.

The money paid to the ad network by the advertisers is then shared with the publishers on whose blogs the ads are shown.

How does this concern you, the publisher?

Quite often we hear or see publishers complaining about how they are not making a substantial amount from their ad networks. The truth is some ads shown on sites are not supposed to be there and in that case, the advertisers won’t pay for them.

Say, for instance, a Nigerian ad network that has most of its advertisers be Nigerians and also targeting Nigerians to sell their products won’t pay a South African website that is showing the ads to a South African audience because clearly, they won’t be sales.

So, before choosing an ad network consider if they have inventory for where most of your readers come from.


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