Does Hertz accept Chime credit cards? – Find Out!

The chime credit card is widely used for different kinds of transactions — online or physically. Although it is widely accepted and recognized by many companies and platforms, there are still some who don’t support it. Knowing that, you may want to do a transaction with Hertz, and thus, you probably ask yourself, “does Hertz accept Chime credit card?” Continue reading to find out the answer to this question.

What is Hertz

Hertz is one of the most recognized and reputable vehicle rental companies in the USA. They’re best known for the variety of vehicles they can rent out to their customers. More so, they provide their customers with everything they need to have fun as they travel around.

How does Hertz work?

Hertz works just like many other vehicle rental companies and you can easily make reservations on their app. To do that, first, you need to have their app installed, after which you’ll register with them. Next, you’ll be allowed to check out the types and brands of vehicles they provide. You can pick any of these vehicles based on your preference or budget. After that, you can continue with the reservation.

When it is time to use the car, just go on to their closest location and let them know you’ve made a reservation already. After following these procedures, you should now have the car ready to travel around the world.

What is Chime credit card?

Chime is a financial technology bank that offers similar banking services as physical banks,  but all operations are done online with Chime. Chime offers credit card to its users.  The Chime credit card is issued in partnership with Visa,  hence Chime account holders can use their Chime credit cards for transactions and check- outs where Visa card is accepted.

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How does Chime credit card work?

To start using Chime credit card, you must first own a spending account on the platform. This account will serve as the source of funds for your card. After opening the account, you can create your credit card and send funds to it from your Chime spending account. After that, you can use it to order products and services online.

NOTE: Make sure your card has funds inside it before you make any transactions as the transaction will not be successful without funds in the card.

Does Hertz accept Chime credit cards?

Yes, Hertz allows you to rent cars using your chime credit card. Moreover, a glance at their website reveals that they accept Visa debit and credit cards, and this includes chime credit cards. However, while the card worked without issues for some people, others pointed out that their card was rejected, and thus, were unable to complete their transaction.

Meanwhile, It is worth noting that a minimum of $200 on your credit card or $500 on your debit card is required before it can be accepted. This fee serves as your security deposit which must be settled before you can rent any vehicle. So, if your card has been previously rejected, it’s likely because you didn’t have up to the minimum required amount. Try depositing some money up to the required amount into the card and try again.

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