Airtel Smart Talk Benefits and How to Subscribe

Communication is part of our daily lives and with the invention of telephones, it is now easy for people to communicate with one another via GSM service providers. But just like in other sectors, money is needed to facilitate communication through these GSM service providers.

People make calls almost every day resulting in a lot of money being spent. And so, finding a cheap tariff plan becomes a necessity for some. People need a plan that allows them to talk for long while on call and pay less.

GSM service and network providers understand these needs and so they constantly come up with tariff plans to satisfy their existing customers and also attract new customers from other networks. In Nigeria, there are numerous GSM service and network providers which offer great Tariff plans to their customers. Airtel is considered one of the best Service providers in the country.

Airtel offers numerous tariff plans to its customers. The good part is most of these plans are cheap, making it possible for customers to make a lot of calls for longer periods. In this post, we will talk about the Airtel Smart Talk tariff plan. We will look at how users can subscribe to this tariff plan and how the numerous benefits.

Airtel smart talk Tariff Plan

Airtel SmartTalk is a tariff plan that is available to all airtel subscribers. The tariff plan allows users to make calls at a flat rate of 11 kobos per second to all networks at just 5 nairas daily. The tariff plan is one of the best tariff plans introduced by the network provider. It is also cheap, making it the perfect choice for airtel users.

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The tariff is quite has made Airtel one of the best network providers in the country. It has gotten new customers due to its unique and cheap package. The network provider has also rivalled that of other network providers in the country such as MTN and GLO.

Eligible Users

Users might be wondering if they are eligible to use the Airtel smart talk or not. That should not be a source of worry. The Airtel smart talk tariff plan is eligible for all new or existing customers.

Therefore, a new customer can also enjoy the offers of this tariff plan. Existing customers are not also exempted. They are also eligible to subscribe to this tariff plan.

Airtel SmartTalk Benefits

The Airtel SmartTalk tariff plan sure does come with a lot of benefits to its subscribers. This benefit is enjoyed by both new and existing customers. Subscribers can enjoy this tariff plan once they activate the subscription code.

Here are some of the benefits of the Airtel SmartTalk tariff plan:

  • Calls at 11 kobos per second from the first second

Now, this is a package you don’t get to receive daily or from other tariff plans of other network providers. With the SmartTalk tariff plan, subscribers are allowed to talk for as low as 11 kobo per second. With this subscribers can certainly make unlimited calls at a very cheap rate.

  • 5 Naira Daily Access Fee is charged

On every first call made within a day, a 5 Naira Daily Access Fee is charged. This daily fee is quite cheap when compared to that of other tariff plans from other network providers. With just the daily 5 Naira Charge on calls, subscribers are allowed to make calls for long periods at a cheap rate.

  • International calls at 20 kobo per second
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Do you have family or friends living in other countries? If you do and you do communicate with them often then this tariff plan is right for you. The SmartTalk tariff plan allows users to make International calls at 20 kobo per second. Although these calls can only be made to five selected countries, it is just so cheap that subscribers can’t get enough of them.

How to migrate to Airtel SmartTalk tariff plan

So you perhaps must have been convinced that the Airtel SmartTalk tariff plan is right for you. If you think it is, here’s how to migrate to the tariff plan from your old tariff plan.

  • Simply dial *315#
  • Alternatively, you can send YES to 315

Any of the above codes enable you to subscribe to the Airtel SmartTalk tariff plan. And remember the plan is available for both new and existing subscribers. So take advantage today and start making calls at a cheap rate.

Cost of migrating to the SmartTalk tariff plan

Migrating to the Airtel SmartTalk tariff plan is free for both new and existing customers. However, a fee of 100 naira is charged if the migration is done twice or multiple times within a month.

In order words when a subscriber migrates to the SmartTalk tariff plan more than once within a month, such subscriber will be charged an N100 fee for each subsequent migration.

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