How Much does it Cost to Unlock iPhone in Nigeria

Most iPhones that arrive in Nigeria are locked to a carrier. It’s most times either Vodafone or O2 that’s if it’s from the USA. What this means is, local carriers like MTN and Airtel won’t work on the phone since it was configured to only work for the aforementioned US carriers.

In the US or any country that has the configured carrier can just call the carrier’s office asking for an unlock but in Nigeria that can’t be done. In fact, the only available option known to me is meeting a phone technician in most cases.

That takes us to how to find phone technicians that can unlock your iPhone.

Ok, since most second-hand iPhones come in through Lagos, it’s only normal that you find most people capable of unlocking your iPhone in that area especially when you go to “computer village.

Now, to the service charge of unlocking iPhones in Nigeria.

Before I go down to tell you how much it cost me to unlock mine let me, first of all, tell you factors that affect the price.

From my research, I found out that these devices are locked by carriers to cut costs on the path of first-time buyers and this lock is for a limited period. To unlock it then it must be that the lock period had expired or the new owner is willing to pay the unlock fee.

This unlock fee varies per carrier. So, a carrier unlocks fee in Japan may differ from that of a US carrier. This is the first factor on which the unlock fee hangs on.

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The second is the iPhone model, the higher the model the higher the price will be. If it’s one of the models produced in the last 3 years it’s like going to have a higher unlock fee compared to the older models.

That’s it with the price determinants.

I got my iPhone 7 unlocked in Lagos (computer village) for 25k. Since I reside in Akwa-Ibom I had to waybill the device to a friend I know who stays in Lagos.

So, you see. The unlock fee ranges from 15k to 30k.

Some phone technicians offer the service on Jiji but since I haven’t made use of any technician on the platform I can’t say. You can rely on reviews associated with each technician to make a decision. Prices for unlocking listed by the technicians on Jiji were from 5k up.

With that said, some iPhones may just be impossible to unlock like when it’s an iCloud lock.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask using the comment box below.

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  1. How much can I unlock iphone XR icloud and disabled connect to itunes

    I try to unlock it y use IMEL number but I don’t have btc account

    Who can help btc to unlock I promise to pay let do business

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