The Cost of Replacing different iPhone Screens in Nigeria

Accidents do happen and this time it damaged your iPhone screen.

The next thing that’s on your mind is a replacement and then you wonder what the cost might be.

I did research on the prices of these screens. To be honest, depending on where you go for your iPhone screen replacement or the economy at the time the price will differ but shouldn’t be too far from what you’ll find below.

Here we will be looking at the following iPhone screen replacement and their cost.

Note: The prices displayed do not include the technician’s cost of doing the replacement.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus screen replacement price in Nigeria.

These two models are one of the most common and most used models of iPhones.

So here we have included the prices of iPhone 7 and 7 plus repair LCD in Nigeria.

  • iPhone 7 screen and replacement price in Nigeria around9,000 in Jumia
  • iPhone 7 plus screen price in Nigeria is 11,000 in Jumia.

iPhone 8 screen replacement price in Nigeria.

We calculate that iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are the iPhone model that people love the most. So, if you’re a user of any of these models, see how much it costs to repair the screen here in Nigeria.

  • iPhone 8 screen replacement price in Nigeria is ₦10,000
  • iPhone 8 plus screen replacement price₦12,000

iPhone X screen replacement cost in Nigeria

One of the first advanced smartphones by Apple is the iPhone X but as advanced as it gets, the expenses for repairs get much more expensive than the older models. Let’s see how much would be needed to replace the iPhone X screen in Nigeria.

  • iPhone X screen replacement in Jumia cost ₦35,000–₦40,000
  • iPhone XR screen replacement is ₦40,000 in Jumia
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What is the cost of repair for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max screen price in Nigeria?

These models are the most recent and it’s the current-generation iPhone models to get within the market. there’s little doubt that these model’s way more expensive than the previous ones therefore clearly the price of the repair is higher too.

  • iPhone 11 screen replacement price in Nigeria is50,000 to 55,000

How much does it cost for iPhone 12 model screen replacement in Nigeria?

iPhone 12 is very similar to iPhone 11. Not just in looks and design, but also in features. There are a lot of similarities with the version because Apple didn’t change a lot of things.

So, the price for screen repair is actually similar too.

  • iPhone 12 model screen replacement price in Nigeria is ranging from 60,000 –80,000 in Jumia

iPhone 13 screen replacement price in Nigeria

iPhone 13 model is the latest version of the iPhone series family. Apple releases a new version of an iPhone every year during September/October of the year. iPhone 13 is very much similar to iPhone 12 so the cost of an iPhone to repair iPhone 13 will be similar to iPhone 12 as well.

  • The iPhone 13 model series screen replacement price in Nigeria is ranging from ₦110,000 – ₦140,000. Although these prices of the iPhone 13 series are not on Jumia but were calculated based on research from Amazon.

Note: Not every technician is a professional in iPhone repair, make sure you are in the right place before handing over your phone to the technician.

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