Requirements to Study Abroad from Nigeria

The majority of Nigerian students would jump at any opportunity to further their education abroad. If you desire to study abroad from Nigeria then you should note that there are certain procedures and requirements to follow and meet. This article discusses the important requirements that must be met before you can study abroad from Nigeria.

Before we go into the requirements, let’s see how you can study abroad in Nigeria.

Requirements to Study Abroad from Nigeria

Apart from having the right information about your desired university and of course getting your passport, the following are the requirements to meet before you can study abroad in Nigeria:

  1. Language proficiency certificate

This is to prove that you can communicate in a foreign language. Language proficiency exams include TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo English Test, Def/Dalf etc.

  1. Birth certificate

This is issued by the National Census Commission of Nigeria. This is useful in proving your citizenship and validating the details given on the international passport.

  1. Transcript

This could either be from your secondary school or university. This would show if you are academically sound to run a program at a foreign university.

  1. Recommendation letter

This should be written by someone of authority that knows you well and can attest that you are of good behaviour.

  1. Bank statements

This would show if you are financially capable to fund your lifestyle abroad. It can be your bank statement or that of your guardian or sponsor.

  1. Study visa

This proves that you have been permitted to travel to your country of choice. It highlights your duration of stay and the benefits that accrue to your visa type.

  1. Health documents
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This proves that you are medically fit to move abroad. Some common tests required by countries include yellow fever, coronavirus etc. A medical report would also highlight your medical history.

How to Study Abroad from Nigeria

The following tips would help in your preparation to study abroad:

  1. Research

The first thing to do is to begin your research on the program and university of choice. Go online and check the university website. Get all the information you can about the university including its location, accreditation, reviews etc. You can involve university advisors and agents to assist you in the process. You can also join forums of alumni of the university and ask them questions. This is fundamental to your educational journey abroad.

  1. Discover financial aid opportunities

If you are not financially buoyant enough to afford the thousands of dollars or pounds required for tuition, then you should take financial aid options seriously. Discover what grants, student loans and scholarships are available and how you can be eligible for them. You can speak to a financial aid counsellor for more information on this.

  1. Cost of living

Different countries have different standards of living. While some have affordable housing options and transportation costs, others might be a bit more costly. This is important and you must decide on which country and area are convenient for you and your education. Some of the factors you need to take cognisance of are accommodation, transportation expenses, food and groceries etc.


Studying abroad from Nigeria is an exciting experience but comes with its challenges. From packing your bags to getting accommodation to schooling abroad, we understand how stressful the process can be and this is why we have come up with this article. We hope this article has made the process easier by providing you with the relevant things you would need to study abroad from Nigeria.

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