3 Side Effects of Aneeza Gold Cream

Aneeza Gold cream has been in the cosmetics market for a long time therefore results and side effects are not hard to get.

Aneeza Gold Cream: Side Effects

Aneeza Gold Cream has tremendous advantages when applied to the skin. But more often than not, there are few side effects to watch out for when using this cream.

Skin Irritations: Using the Aneeza Gold cream for an extended period might cause redness, peeling, rash, dryness, and burning. Neurological fetal harm – mercury exposure during pregnancy can have a significant effect on the brain. Depigmentation (darkening) or total depigmentation (complete depigmentation).

Reverse Effects: This is usually common with dark skin people. You will likely discover that after prolonged usage of the cream your skin starts getting dark. More like reversing to its natural tone. This is because Aneeza Gold cream is made with a lot of bleaching ingredients that could act in reverse to get your skin dark after long usage.

Excess sweating: Another side effect to watch out for is excessive sweating. This is why the cream should only be applied during the night or early morning. But if you plan to apply the cream on an outing, you likely have to prepare to face the excess sweats your body might produce.

The above side effects are not detrimental to your and shouldn’t deter you from trying out the cream.

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