How to Get Nigerian Single Ladies Number and Photos

Getting a Nigerian girl’s phone number is a step towards getting to know her and more. It can allow you to chat with her on WhatsApp or connect with her on other social media platforms making communication easy.

But unfortunately, girls in this part of the world don’t just meet a guy and exchange numbers in the street or on the road (at least not most of the time). So, to get it you have to go through other means which are a lot easier.

Here in this article, I’ll share with you 3 ways to get girls’ numbers not just girls but mostly single girls who are also searching.

How to Get Nigerian Single Ladies Numbers and Photos in Nigeria

1) On the Radio

The feeling I got when I first heard a voice of a girl on a radio program who simply asked to be hooked up with a guy was relieving. At the time I was searching it happened I was listening to the program and hearing her voice made me know that the other gender is also searching.

On different radio stations across the country, there are radio programs that allow single ladies and men to call in and request to be hooked up to the opposite gender.

They’ll describe what they desire from the other gender which most times include age range, location, complexion, religion and more.

The question now will be: How do you know which radio stations have this program and the time for it?

It’s not difficult; these programs are always aired in the late hours of the night. Always around 10 pm and above. If you tune several stations between Wednesday and Saturday from 10 pm down you’re going to find these programs for sure.

2) On Facebook or Whatsapp Groups

This is another medium to find single ladies’ numbers in Nigeria. There are groups that are specifically for finding love and the admins try as much as possible to make posts that will let members show interest.

When posts like that are made members drop their phone numbers in the comments.

There you can go through profile pictures to find what suits you best.

Also, on Facebook, you can find pages advertising or posting very beautiful pictures of ladies claiming that they want a man to take care of them. Please don’t fall for it as all of those are lies. Those people behind those lies just want you to like their page and no such ladies existed on those pages.

3) Online Dating sites

Online dating sites come last on our list not because it’s not an effective avenue for getting girls’ numbers but because it doesn’t work too well in Nigeria. I stand to be corrected and hey, this shouldn’t stop you from trying this avenue you never can tell what will work out for you.

To be honest I haven’t tried online dating sites but this list wouldn’t be complete without it.


The aim of getting a ladies number most of the time is to keep in touch and probably see what can happen from there. But you have to understand that this is a much slower and uncertain way to get things started with a lady. It will require patience and most times lots of tries to get someone to feel the same way as you.

While doing this you can also try meeting ladies face to face to ask for their contacts.

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