How to get US Phone Number for WhatsApp in Nigeria

If you have regular connections with Americans then it may benefit you if you get a US phone number. Taking this step can facilitate your transactions in the American market and help you relate better with foreigners.

Are you wondering how you can get a US phone number while in Nigeria? Fortunately, you can do this easily and at no cost.  In this article, we would be bringing to light how to get a US phone number for Whatsapp while you are still in Nigeria.

How to get US Phone Number for WhatsApp in Nigeria

We would be showing you two ways you can get a US phone number for WhatsApp in Nigeria. However, to do this, you must have a US number and if you don’t have one, these methods would help you get one.

  1. Google Voice

Using Google Voice is a trusted way to get a US phone number for Whatsapp. The good news is that it works well with different versions of WhatsApp, unlike other platforms. All you need to do to get a US number is to open your VPN app and select a US location. Go to Gmail and create an account and then download the Google Voice app. Upon downloading the app, select your preferred US location. Once your account has been verified via an OTP process, you would get your US number.

Creating a WhatsApp Account with your Google Voice US Phone Number

Following these steps would help you create a WhatsApp account with the US number obtained through Google Voice:

  • Download and install any version of Whatsapp on your phone.
  • Input your countries like the United States and your US phone number from Google Voice.
  • An OTP would be sent to the number, input and verify.
  • You have successfully created a WhatsApp account with a free US phone number and you can use it to call and text loved ones while you are in Nigeria.
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Note that Google Voice requires you to have a third party residing in the US before you can get a US number.

  1. TextNow

TextNow unlike Google Voice does not require any third party before you can be assigned a US phone number. TextNow works on all versions of WhatsApp but particularly WhatsApp Business. Hence, it is advisable to download the WhatsApp Business to save you future stress. To use TextNow and get a free US number, connect to a VPN and download the TextNow app. On the app, sign up and enter your details and create an account. Click on the icon that says “get a free phone number” and you would be given a US phone number depending on your VPN location.

Creating a WhatsApp Account with your TextNow US Phone Number

  • Download Whatsapp Business and connect to a VPN with the US as your location.
  • Launch WhatsApp and enter your TextNow US phone number.
  • Verify your TextNow US phone number through an OTP process.
  • Use your new number to text and call friends on Whatsapp.

Note that TextNow does not permit all VPNs so you may experience trouble connecting your VPN to the app.


With a US number, you can call, text and even use WhatsApp while in Nigeria. We hope this article has helped you with your search for how to get a US phone number for WhatsApp in Nigeria. These apps discussed above are free and have no hidden costs. However, it is advisable to go for the Google Voice option as it does not have VPN issues and is the most-trusted method. But, you would need to arrange with someone who would stand as a third party before your number can be given to you.

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