5 Best Fake Bitcoin Flashing Apps

Fake Bitcoin Flashing Apps

Crypto fraud has become very rampant in the last decade, and one of many tools scammers use is a crypto flasher app which is mainly for Bitcoin.

A Bitcoin flasher app sends you a certain amount of Bitcoin on a temporal basis. After this time the transaction is reversed in other words the Bitcoin you received is reversed to the sender.

The use of these apps is not advised it’s illegal and punishable by law if used to commit fraud. Just like the fake bank transfer apps, the only reason these apps were created is for fun sake, maybe to play with friends.

With that said let’s look at some really good Bitcoin flasher apps on the internet today you can use to have fun with friends.

5 Best Fake Bitcoin Flashing Apps

Here are the best apps you can use to send unlimited fake Bitcoin to other people or your other wallets for testing. You’re not going to find the below apps on Google Play Store, you’re going to have to download them from a third-party website like Android-top.com.

  • CoinCeller. CoinCeller is widely regarded as the best and most advanced fake Bitcoin flashing app on the internet. It is a very versatile app that works on both PC and Mobile phones to flash Bitcoin and a few other cryptocurrencies.

The fact that it appears the same on different devices such as Android and P.C. makes the extensively prepared reference guide provided for it very easy to understand and the app ready to use immediately. So, if you’d like to buy things online with a fake Bitcoin transaction app easily, the best app you can use is CoinCeller.

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Here are the major features CoinCeller provides:

* 14 days duration for the sent Bitcoin to stay in the recipient’s account, after which it is reversed.

* The coins are transferable within the 14 days duration.

* Lifetime access

* Can be used 4 times daily.

  • BitPro. This app is also another great app to use for flashing Bitcoins. BitPro has features similar to CoinCeller because it allows you to generate and send BTC to many wallets easily. Moreover, this app can be easily installed and navigated. So, if you’re probably considering going for an app that makes it very easy to do your fake transaction, you can consider going for the BitPro app.

Here are a few features provided by BitPro

* You can generate and send up to 1 BTC at once.

* 24-hour duration

* Can be used up to 4 times daily

  • Vector 76 Attack. Vector 76 Attack is another software that allows you to send fake Bitcoins on the blockchain network. The Bitcoin stays in the recipient account for a while, after which the blockchain network will reject the transaction you’ve made, and the Bitcoins you sent will be reversed if the recipient does not have a hash rate. Conversely, the Bitcoin may not be removed from the recipient’s wallet if that recipient has a hash rate. Here are a few features Vector 76 Attack software provides:

* Lifetime access to software

* 3 weeks duration, after which the coins are removed from the wallet

* Transferable coins

  • BitGen. Similar to BitPro, this software allows you to quickly and easily generate fake Bitcoins that you can send to other people’s wallets daily. It is an especially great alternative for CoinCeller, providing very simple and fast navigation and an easy-to-follow guide. With BitGen, you can easily select the number of Bitcoin you’d like to send, put in the recipient address, and click on generate — it’s that easy! All you need to do is download the BitGen app to your mobile phone from the play store and start using it. Unfortunately, BitGen does not have a version for PC; therefore, you need to install it on an Android Emulator if you want to use it on your PC.
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Here are some features this app provides:

* Duration 7–28 days

* Can use up to 100 wallets

* Customizable transaction fees

  • Flash BTC Transaction (Core Network). This software lets you quickly and easily send fake Bitcoins to any wallet. With this software, you can generate as much as 500 BTC at once and send it to different wallets many times in a day. One very great reason why this software is excellent is that it allows Bitcoins to stay in the recipient’s wallet for about 180 days, after which they will be removed from the wallet.

Here are a few reasons why Flash BTC is one of the best:

* You can perform an unlimited number of transactions daily

* You can send up to 500 BTC per transaction

* Customizable transaction fees


Be aware that these bitcoin flashing apps were not originally made for playing pranks or scamming people — they were made for educational purposes. Therefore, you must be careful how you use them to avoid being sued.

We’re against using it for fraud.

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