How to Deactivate SMS Alert in all Banks in Nigeria

Sometimes people just want to stop receiving alerts from a particular bank in Nigeria. This is mostly to keep the account activities from monitoring eyes.\

First of all, know that this is possible in all Nigerian banks. Secondly, know that the way to get this done is by visiting the bank. Another way you can do this is by chatting he support through your mobile app.

We will list and discuss the process involved in these 2 solutions.

How to Deactivate SMS Alert in all Banks in Nigeria

Going to the bank

  1. Visit your banking hall.
  2. Ask to deactivate SMS alerts on your account.
  3. You’re being given a form to fill, fill it accordingly and return.

That’s it, the change will take effect in less than 24hrs.

My experience deactivating SMS alert on my Zenith bank account: I visited the Zenith banking hall nearest to me. Asked to stop receiving SMS alerts, I was given a form called “Indemnity for SMS Alert“. I filled it and returned it to the bank. That was all.

Through your Mobile

Assuming you’re not close to where your bank is you can turn to your mobile banking app. Just locate the “Support” tab on the app and chat with the customer representative.

A form will be sent to you to fill online and submit. If done correctly the change can even be effected faster than the banking hall.

I’ve had to chat with Access bank support a couple of times when I had issues, it’s fast and convenient. So, you can try it for your bank.

That’s it with our guide.

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