How to Retrieve BVN without Phone Number (All Banks)

This guide will show you exactly how to retrieve (check) your BVN without your phone number.

It doesn’t matter your bank, it could be Zenith bank, Access bank, GTB, Polaris bank, UBA bank and more this solution applies to all banks in Nigeria.

Ok, I’m going to proffer solutions depending on your situation. It could be you lost your sim card linked to your BVN or a case where your mobile phone is lost. In any case, this guide has got you covered.

Let’s get on the solutions.

How to Retrieve BVN without Phone Number

At the end of each solution proffered I’ll tell you where it best applies.

Go to the Banking Hall

I must say this is the best solution on the list. You can visit your bank and ask to access your BVN. Of course, you’ll be asked by the customer care representative to give out your account number and your name. Also, he/she will check if the pic on the screen matches the person asking for the attached BVN.

This solution applies when you’ve lost your phone or no longer has access to the phone number linked to your BVN.

Your Mobile App

This solution is a very simple one. Some of the bank mobile apps have a tap that displays your BVN. Where the tap is placed differs from app to app but you can simply chat with customer support through the app to help you fetch your BVN.

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I once found myself in this situation with Access Bank, I simply chatted the customer support and in ten minutes I got my BVN.

This solution applies only when you have access to your mobile app.

Last Words…

It’s best you have access to a phone number your BVN is linked to. This is because that phone line is likely the one that you get notified of all activities happening on your bank account.

On your visit to the bank, you should ask for a change of phone number or better still retrieve your lost phone line.

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