Nick Nilson: Biography, Family Life, Networth and More!

Nick Nilson, is another well-known man of God in the USA. He is a pastor, a one-time preacher in Lakewood Church, Houston, TX, USA.

In this article, we will be talking about Nick Nilson’s biography, age, background, children, wife, net worth and more. Let’s get on with it.

Profile Summary

Name: Nick Nilson

Title: Pastor

Birth: No information.

Nationality: USA

Religion: Christianity

Spouse: Summer Nilson

Children: Haven Nilson and Denver Nilson

Church: Lakewood Church

Nick Nilson

Nick Nilson Family Life

Nick Nilson married Summer Nilson on June 12, 2004, which is 18 yrs ago. They’ve been blessed with two lovely children Denver Nilson and Haven Nilson.

Nick Nilson Children

He’s fathered two children: Haven Nilson and Denver Nilson.


  1. The key to reaching your full potential
  2. Favour is following you
  3. A miracle Is at the door
  4. Now I see
  5. How do I find peace
  6. Only us
  7. The blessing in the boundary
  8. The power of letting go
  9. Stepping into favour
  10. It is worth the wait

You can watch these sermons on the Lakewood Church Youtube channel.

Nick Nilson’s Net Worth

Nothing was found concerning Nick Nilson’s monetary value. But as a pastor, he’s put on a salary which of course, would be able to live a middle-class life in the US.

Nick Nilson’s Career

From what we gathered, Nick Nilson was a long-time serving pastor in Lakewood Church, USA. He got his tutorship from the very church during his young adult age and later become a serving pastor there.

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