5 Fake Venmo Payment Screenshot Generator (Apps and Tools)

Venmo Payment Screenshot Generator apps are fun apps that can create an exact Venmo payment receipt page.

These apps were created for fun’s sake not to be used in committing fraud and we at Asknaij.com don’t encourage the use of these apps for any other use other than entertainment. For example, pulling a prank with your friends.

Using the apps might mean that you pay a subscription fee, alternatively, you can use the free simple method which includes using a Venmo account on a browser. Check for the guide at the bottom of this page.

Below is a list of the 5 best fake Venmo screenshot generator apps.

5 Best Fake Venmo Screenshot Generator

Express Expense

You may quickly and simply create false Venmo screenshot payments with this app. You can choose from a variety of receipt templates on the app. It creates fake screenshots expertly, and once you’re done editing, you can be sure that the screenshot will still resemble an original Venmo receipt. Simply enter your details, and a fake snapshot will be created immediately!


With Photoshop, you can edit and create fake Venmo payment screenshots. You can use the software to alter images, make receipts, screenshots and others. One thing about the app is that you may need to be experienced to use it to create realistic screenshots or they would look fake. It is advisable to go through training before using the app or you pay an expert to create it for you.

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Fake Out Receipt

With Fake Out Receipt, you have numerous receipt templates to choose from. Using this tool is simple and convenient. You can customize the receipts and add your details which may include name, address, values etc. Once you input the values, the app would automatically generate an invoice which can be printed out, stored or shared with others.

Quick Receipt

As the name suggests, Quick Receipt enables users to quickly and easily make false Venmo receipts. You can also use the app for other platforms apart from Venmo. Everything required to produce a professional-looking receipt is provided, including the opportunity to include the client’s details, the company name and logo, and the items and services added to the receipt, among others. Once you provide the relevant details and editing, you can print it or share it as an email.

PDF Filler

PDF Filler is an excellent tool for creating false Venmo screenshots. There are many features available to design and print the receipts and the user interface is not complicated making it easy to use. The app has a variety of templates and all you need to do is pick one and fill out the blank spaces when you open it. Once you are done, click on the VIEW button to see if the receipt is ready to print. If everything is fine, click PRINT/SCAN to create the fake payment screenshot and it would be downloaded as a PDF file. PDF Filler can also be used for other platforms apart from Venmo.

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That’s it with our list.

Now, let’s look at generating a Venmo screenshot using your browser. The process is quite similar to generating PayPal payment screenshots.

You need to log into your Venmo account with at least one transaction, tap on the transaction to open then right-click. At this point, you can follow the instruction as seen in the article on generating a PayPal screenshot above.

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