Is Physiology a Good Course to Study in Nigeria? Find Out!

The question: “is physiology a good course to study in Nigeria?” seeks to find out the opportunities available when one might have earned a degree after studying the course.

Before answering that question let’s know what physiology is about, knowing this will in turn help you see or imagine possible opportunities for a degree holder in this field.

Physiology according to Wikipedia “is the scientific study of functions and mechanisms in a living system.”

Clearly, it falls under the medical field.

Let’s get down to answering the questions.

Where can a Physiologist work in Nigeria?

Clearly, health centres or hospitals are the first options for physiologists. They are expected to work as doctors assistants. In advanced countries or better economies, physiologists can be a part of sports teams or anywhere the physical well-being of persons need to be kept in check.

In Nigeria, besides physiologists working in hospitals, there’re hardly any other places the service is required.

Can a physiologist work in an oil company?

Yes, there’s a possibility even more so in advanced countries but it’s a slim chance. Since an oil company sometimes require an offshore platform sometimes a doctor or a physiologist is attached to a platform in case someone falls ill. Also, one has to know that in most cases a doctor is preferred.

Can a physiologist work with NAFDAC?

No, unless there are a lot of changes there’s no chance given what the agency stands for. Instead, a lab scientist has more chances to be employed there.

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Is physiology a professional course in Nigeria?

Of course, yes it is. You’re given a license to practice when you complete your study.

Is Physiologist a good course to study in Nigeria?

The short answer is NO! It doesn’t look like there are a lot of opportunities for a physiologist in Nigeria unless one will have to further in studies.

If you have options to study other courses in the university I advise that you consider them over physiology.

That’s it.

If you’ve got any questions, do well to ask in the comment box below.

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